Massage Therapy

A couple of good massage therapy images I discovered:

Massage Treatment
massage therapy
Image by wistechcolleges

Bruised Back from Cupping
massage therapy
Image by AmySelleck
My massage therapist applied some Traditional Chinese Medicine to my back called “”Cupping”. The oxygen is removed from a glass bulb and applied to the muscle. The resulting vacuum pulls the blood through the muscles as it chooses up the toxins that get trapped in between the muscle layers. It feels remarkable, however it left me aching for a few days, not to discuss bruised.

I completely suggest going thru this, plus, I never heard of it till I transferred to Portland.

Siouxland College of Massage Treatment
massage therapy
Image by Alexander Rabb
South Sioux City, NE

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W Nikkor 35mm f/2.5.
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